Whether you want to enhance your health, relationships or career, we all know we should be setting goals to help us get where we want to go…

A goal is something you wish to accomplish in the future. Goals provide direction for your life as you organize your time and energy towards accomplishing them.

It is the ability to identify suitable goals and stay true to them through the many adversities you may encounter along the way. From a wellness & movement perspective, the desire to lose weight, increase flexibility or strength, or to decrease your chance of illness all require setting goals. We should be setting goals we´re truly motivated to achieve and they should be suitable and realistic.

As an example, let’s say you want to do a five-mile mountain trail hike in one month, but the challenge is you have never hiked on mountain trails, let alone hiked for more than a mile. That would be an unrealistic goal because without the proper assessment and training, you could end up with an injury that would get in the way of you accomplishing your goal. Making sure your goals are suitable and realistic is the key.

Goals have limitations; you may struggle and never reach your desired goals and find yourself devastated because you were dependent on reaching them. This may leave you feeling disappointed, depressed and frustrated. These challenges may get in the way of setting new goals because we fear repeating the same thing. So, setting suitable and realist goals are very important, as well as having the patience and persistence to work through the challenges along the way.

Using goal setting to effectively plan for the future will allow you to find direction in your life. Goals tend to focus on an imagined future and are not necessarily concerned with what’s happening to you in the present moment. The power lies in being in the present moment as you set your future goals. All past moments are gone and all future moments have yet to arrive; all you have is the present moment to experience and it is our intentions that really determine what you make of this present moment.

An intention is focused energy that starts in the present moment and sees what your future will bring. Intentions are based on a strong purpose or objective, paired with determination and persistence to achieve a desired result.

In the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent,

and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.”  

Carlos Castaneda

People who cultivate intention are said to have a strong purpose and won’t let anything or anyone interfere with achieving their inner desire. The key phrase here is inner desire. This is derived from the heart or your inner feeling and not just from your head or thinking. You must feel it from within, that unstoppable desire to accomplish something.

I have worked with professional athletes who cultivated the power of intention against all odds and I have met people who had been through devastating times but they didn’t give up their intended desires. My personal experiences in life fits strongly with the later.

Both of these types of people got clear on what they desired. Then through the power of intention and taking it one day at a time, they overcame their obstacles to achieve their intention.

I have said many times; goals are what you ‘want’ to happen and intentions are what you ‘intend’ to happen. A want is having a desire to possess or do and to intend is to have a Definite Purpose, which represents the main or central desire of your life at this moment. The power of intention is the intent of seeing it before it actually happens. It’s the burning desire deep within you that needs to be empowered an unleashed.

Are you someone who wants to get healthy or intends to get healthy?

If your living with purpose then you have intent; this is what all the great achievers did to accomplish their goals. People like Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Mother Theresa and Mahatma Gandhi all used the power of intention to accomplish their goals. Even in the midst of challenges, they stayed the course and maintained their intention day by day as they pursued their goals.

We all have this ability all we have to do is learn to tap into it. It’s the light bulb that goes off inside of you with unstoppable passion and enthusiasm to achieve it.

Lastly, enthusiasm intention is driven by the fuel of enthusiasm, which comes from the Greek word enthous, meaning “inspired” or “In-Spirit”. Having enthusiasm that is directed from self and not from ego will assist you in achieving your goals and intentions.

Goals and intentions are both important to have and cultivate. We just have to identify suitable and realistic goals and then use the power of intention to guide us along the journey towards accomplishing them. Think of goals as something your wish to accomplish in the long run and intentions as something you use daily as short-term accomplishments on your way towards your goals

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

 – Lao Tzu

Take these Steps as you Set your Wellness & Movement Intentions

  1. Determine what your Wellness & Movement Goals and Intentions are.
  2. Be specific; i.e. I Am going to lose ____lbs. by ______
  3. They must be both believable and achievable.
  4. Determine what you are willing to give in time and investment towards your goals and intentions.
  5. Create a plan and sign and date it.