Wellness Movement Plans

Reduce the Need for Prescription Medications and Surgery

Relieve Chronic Pain

Restore Functional Movement

Improve Mobility and Movement

Wellness Movement Assessment™

We carefully look at all the contributing factors involved with your situation to uncover the reason(s) why you are not reaching your wellness and movement potential.

Optimizing Wellness and Movement. Using our unique rating scale that indicate whether you are moving towards or away from wellness and movement. This enable us to pinpoint the true source of limitation and or pain.

We integrate a variety of wellness and movement assessments / screens, corrective exercise strategies and functional strength and conditioning concepts, systems and methods to enhance your rating.

Then we design a plan and teach you how to follow on your own that will assist you in maintaining your rating.

Wellness & Movement Lifestyle Questionnaire

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Postural Assessment

Spinal Curve & Comparative Range of Motion Assessment

Static Core Function Test

Selected Functional Movement Assessment™

Functional Movement Screen

Applied Kinesiology Evaluation

Wellness Movement Treatments

Wellness Movement treatment duration is based on the results of your Wellness Movement Assessment and/or what type of physical challenges you have and how long these challenges have been present. We typically find that a 6 month treatment plan effectively addresses client conditions.

Sessions at Wellness Movement Center are 1 to 2 times per week depending on how much coaching the client needs and/or how quickly the client would like to reach their health, movement and wellness potentials.

Wellness Movement Center’s Taoist Philosophy

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WMC uses no specific method, style or program which limits the ability to discover our client’s authentic wellness and movement potential. Instead, we continuously adapt and flow to discover what our client’s needs are, using only what is useful in getting to the cause of the client’s wellness and movement challenge. It is an honest expression of oneself authentically, both for the instructor and the client as they are both on a journey of self-actualization.

Wellness Movement Center utilizes exercise concepts, methods and systems are based on a whole body neurological enhancement perspective using principles that embody Yoga, Feldenkrais, Pilates, Tai Chi and Chi Gong and many other movement enhancing exercises.

Performance Enhancement training principles are based on the use of body weight training and devices that require full body functional integration.

Specific training utilizes, Kettle-bells, free weights, suspension training, primal movement exercises, cables, tubing, stability balls, slide board, medicine balls and cellular exercise.

All of the wellness movement or performance enhancement plans are customized, created and designed with a scientific evidence-based approach. Each session is video tape each and for the advanced client’s we videotaped home exercise systems that are anywhere from 3 to 6 months in length. Teaching our client’s how to follow their own customized plan.

Our Unique Program Consists of Three Crucial Phases:

Phase 1: Reprogramming

When an area of the body is traumatized it can actually shut down, or inhibit certain muscles, and force other muscles to compensate. These compensatory challenges need to be reprogrammed using specific neuromuscular isolated exercises that retrains the clients’ brain and muscle communication. Key objectives include:
  • Establish Biochemical, Emotional, Nutritional and Physical balances through corrective strategies and plans.
  • Promote mobility and stability for everyday activities.
  • Correct and enhance posture.

Phase 2: Movement Journey

  • Enhance functional stability, muscular strength and endurance through dynamic integrated exercises.
  • Teach the client how to facilitate various types of functional exercise equipment that is used in the client’s home and or gym.
  • Assist the client in clearing the Functional Movement Screen. Direct correlation to real world, foundation training “base conditioning.”

Phase 3: Sustain and Maintain

Progressed exercise training often is necessary in order to ensure improvements long-term. This phase is designed to help clients build a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle while preventing injuries and movement limitations.

Getting are client’s back to work, play, recreation, fitness or sports is the long term focus. The client will follow a personalized 3, 6, 8 or 12 week home exercise system and video.

Making A Positive Difference: Client Evaluation

After completing Wellness Movement Center’s Athletic Movement Assessment, Chris has now progressed past Phase 1 Sub-base Conditioning “Reprogramming,” and cleared the first stage of the Movement Assessment Process. He has entered WMC’s Phase 2 “Base Conditioning”. Chris recently went through the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) where we rated and ranked his movement quality.

The FMS is the last part of WMC’s movement assessment stage. At this stage, the client must clear the FMS and with a passing score relevant to their fitness goals. In addition, the client must also clear WMC’s branded “Dynamic Core Function Assessment” before fully re-engaging in any physical activity. Chris is a high-level tennis player and loves to kayak.  Congratulations Chris!

Ask about our Comprehensive Wellness & Movement Lifestyle Consultation

What type of condition brought you to Wellness Movement Center?

Multiple neck and back issue resulting in a pinched nerve in my left shoulder and arm. Extreme pain and not able to work, play tennis or kayak.

How long did you have the condition or pain before you started working with Brian at Wellness Movement Center?

1 month

How many different practitioners have you tried to work with prior to working with Brian?

5 +

What are some of the benefits you have received since working with Brian?

Back to playing tennis at a competitive level and kayaking. Pain-free, improved posture and working on preventing future injury. Brian helped me to get my life back.

Would you recommend Brian?

Most Definitely!

When searching for a practitioner, Wellness Movement Center clients are looking for?

  • Pain management techniques without medication
  • Alternative pain management techniques
  • How to manage chronic pain without drugs
  • Pain management without meds
  • How to deal with constant pain
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