4 Principles to Wellness & Movement

Today, the incidence of chronic stress is at its highest. When stress accumulates it effects all the systems in the body – emotional, biochemical, nutritional and physical.

The 4 Principles represents the 4-pillars to the Wellness Movement Center and serves as the base foundation for all our services. Each principle integrates with the other and they all have to be addressed in order to optimize a person’s wellness and movement.

Principle 1

Emotional Health – How we handle stress

Emotional Stress is the number one leading cause to most illnesses. In fact; thoughts effect organs and organs effect tissue function.

Learn how to manage and retrain your mind (thoughts) and gain valuable insight about trapped emotions and how they can be released.

Principle 2

Biochemical Health – How we sleep

sleep problems, Asheville, North Carolina

Sleep is like food and water—sufficient amounts are necessary for physical and mental well-being and deprivation can lead to health challenges. Sleep is also vital part of enhancing athletic performance.

Did you know that the body’s physical repair occurs between 10pm and 2am?

Between 50 and 70 million Americans suffer from sleep deprivation.

Principle 3

Nutritional Health – How we digest, what and when we eat and drink

Emotional stress can contribute to digestive disturbances like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and vice versa. Scientists refer to the gut as the “second brain“.

New evidence also suggests that when the digestive system is impaired, it can inhibit the key spinal stabilizers leaving the body unstable and prone to injury.

Learn how to choose real food, clean water and how to manage your meals (not skipping meals).

Discover how poor digestion affects your body and mind and how to improve it.

Principle 4

Physical Health – How we move

Physical health in part is defined as a state of physical well-being in which a person is physically fit to perform their daily activities without restrictions.

You must first learn to move well before you move more.